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Yoga retreats offer a block of magical time to really delve more deeply into your Yoga – the body and mind gets into the rhythm of regular practice where you can stretch and strengthen so much more.

Away from the distractions of every day life you can choose to ‘digitally detox’ or leave aside alcohol, caffeine or sugar for the designated time. ¬†With all your meals freshly prepared you don’t need to worry about cooking, cleaning or housework and can relax and have a laugh with your fellow participants or engage in some deep inner listening – making plans for the next stage in your life, doodling, taking photos or making music – whatever floats your boat.

The Magic of Yoga runs regular weekend and week long Yoga retreats in the UK and Almeria,Spain – next retreat in 2018 – please have a look at the video and sign up to newsletter for more information.

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yoga retreat holidays
  • “So magical, it felt like you hypnotised us in some of the meditation sessions. Both you and Susan are spiritual, experienced, fun teachers and we have gained so much from you both.”

  • “The group were amazing, as was all that fabulous food and the Era, what a place, it should be added to the 7 wonders of the world!”

  • “Yoga twice a day, massages, sunbathing, incredible food and lovely, friendly people. I couldn’t have asked for a better, more relaxing holiday or nicer people to spend it with. I’m looking forward to next year already!”

  • “.. had an amazing time on the retreat; I returned to London feeling like I’d left all my cares behind. Massive thanks for creating such a peaceful and friendly space to be in”

  • “I felt a bit emotional on leaving, I had to put my sunnies on”

yoga retreat spain