Yoga for Total Wellbeing

Yoga for Wellbeing Blackheath

Dose this sound like you? • Healthy eating and exercise on the ‘back burner’ over lockdown?• Struggle with meditation? Find it hard to still your mind?• Prefer a gentle Yoga class due to injury or feeling ‘inflexible’ Then you need Yoga for Total Wellbeing. With 17 years’ experience teaching Yoga to all levels, you are invited you toexperience basic Yoga poses, Mindfulness and Meditation…This course will alsoinclude healthy recipe suggestions and simple wellness ‘homework’ which … Read More

One up the bum for fun!

Yoga Teacher in Blackheath Helen

Hi Yogis I hope you enjoyed a relaxing summer break. July and August are widely viewed as a time to ‘down tools’ – to let go of being ruled by the clock – and the constraints of having to get somewhere at a certain time. This can feel so liberating, like you’re tapping into your inner voice and rhythm, rather than dancing to someone else’s tune – a choice to stay in and take things … Read More