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I have been a Yoga enthusiast and devotee since my first class with Greg Colson in Pimlico in 2001. I was working in TV at the time and living a work hard/play hard lifestyle which left me frazzled and burnt out – as a former dancer I was already familiar with the endorphins released from a good workout, but what was a welcome surprise was the beautiful relaxation, peace, balance and well-being I experienced through the practice of meditation and relaxation in my first Yoga class.

Fanciful though it may sound, I was advised in a dream to ‘learn Sanskrit’! – I had no idea what this was but began practicing weekly with my teacher and it became the highlight of my week. Five years later when I was offered redundancy – I knew exactly what to do. I enrolled on the next Sivananda teacher training course (the world renowned TTC) in classical Hatha Yoga where I did indeed learn Sanskrit – the language of the different poses or ‘asanas’ in Yoga.

Sivananda is rooted in the classical ‘old school’ Yoga free of fancy fusions, gimmicks or trendy marketing. It draws from ancient tried and tested wisdom with a strong emphasis on pranayama (breathing techniques for calmness of mind and well being), mindfulness and complete layer-by-layer relaxation – helping the body and mind to rejuvenate and boost the immune system from the inside out.

Yoga South London
Yoga South London
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Whilst Magic of Yoga classes will test your strength, stamina and endurance I am not an advocate of ‘no gain without pain’ mentality, above all my classes are a tool for self nurture and radical self care.

Having personally weathered injury, a risk reducing double mastectomy and two pregnancies, I can relate to students who feel unflexible, unfit or those coming to Yoga for the first time as well as the sports fanatics who need to sweat!

I have built on my original total immersion Ashram style training with workshops and further studies in a range of Yoga lineages including Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Yin Yoga in UK and further afield in beautiful Bali, Thailand and India.

During my first pregnancy in 2010, I trained in Prenatal Yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. I have really enjoyed teaching dedicated Pregnancy classes and safely integrating Babymamas after their 12 week scan, into my classes.

More recently, I have been heavily influenced by the teachings of Jo Tastula – a wonderful teacher who draws much of her inspiration from a love and connection to nature – linking her teachings to an awareness of the lunar cycle and the four elements of the earth – so essential for us city dwellers!

Since that first Yoga class, Yoga has been my anchor throughout births, bereavements, relationship endings and beginnings, health and work challenges, joy, silliness and sorrows – the ones life throws at us and the ones we create for ourselves. I have loved teaching my own style of Hatha/Vinyasa flow Yoga for over 13 years in South and Central London and abroad on several fun and transformative retreats in Andalucia, Ibiza, Portugal and France.

For me teaching Yoga is a complete joy. I have called this website The Magic of Yoga because for me Yoga IS magic and in each class I can see Yoga working its magic on each student, each feels it in their own way. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my existing students for their continued presence in my classes. I can honestly say I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy teaching each and every student. I look forward to meeting you.


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