One up the bum for fun!

Yoga Teacher in Blackheath Helen

Hi Yogis

I hope you enjoyed a relaxing summer break.

July and August are widely viewed as a time to ‘down tools’ – to let go of being ruled by the clock – and the constraints of having to get somewhere at a certain time. This can feel so liberating, like you’re tapping into your inner voice and rhythm, rather than dancing to someone else’s tune – a choice to stay in and take things easy when energy levels are low or to go out and see a new part of the world, practice a different language or act spontaneously and jump in the sea on days when you feel high on energy and life.
It’s no secret that many people feel crestfallen at having to ‘fall into line’ in the Autumn months – especially if you have a rigid desk job that requires you to show up routinely. However, you may love returning to a routine, it makes you feel safe, structured and needed. Or you may cherish the early Autumn feeling – the calm before the craziness of Christmas – a time to take a natural pause and dwell in that stillness for a while.

One of the things that I noticed was how little I needed to live comfortably while on holiday in Cornwall – a small ‘capsule’ wardrobe of clothes – even allowing for the changes in the British weather – returning home to stuffed drawers, dusty cupboards and an overflowing sock drawer – you can’t help think – why have I got all this stuff? I resolved to pick 15 items of clothing and stick to it for the change of season to simplify and streamline my life. If you find this idea interesting – this article on ways to make the ‘back to school’ transition work for you, may resonate:

Apparently if you’re feeling under the weather, like a cold may be coming on – garlic has great antioxidant and healing properties. You can take it in a pill type format, just chop it up into pill size bites and swallow with water OR for a more direct ‘hit’, for the brave among you – you may like to try popping a garlic clove up the bum – please check with your doctor first!!

“7 years of Yoga change a man” Goldie.
Start your Yoga ‘journey’. An unintimidating, thorough grounding for complete unbendy, unfit Beginners. You may also have practised Yoga a while ago and feel you need to re-visit the basics or you may be recovering from an injury and prefer to work at a slower pace.
Pregnant ladies 12 weeks + also very welcome.

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